1917 Marmon Model 34 Cloverleaf Roadster

1917 Marmon Model 34 Cloverleaf Roadster

This large 6 cylinder roadster was driven by Thelma Hansen while she was a student at UC Berkeley. After graduation in 1927, she brought the car down to her Saticoy farm, driving it for many more years. It was quite a feat for a lady to handle the steering of this big heavy car and to shift this non-syncromesh transmission.

The Marmon Company, based in Indianapolis, introduced the model 34, which remained in production until 1928 in refined versions known as the models 74 and 75. The motor, of advanced design, displaced 340 cubic-inches and featured overhead valves. Further evidence of the model 34’s advance design was its use of aluminum; the cylinder block, transmission housing, differential, fenders and hood were made of aluminum.

The company took a model 34 cross-country in 1916 in less than six days, beating the record established by ‘Cannon Ball’ Baker in a Cadillac by 41 hours. Factory price was approximately $3,100, which would be $61,358 today.

Auto Spec Sheet

Year: 1917
Make: Marmon
Model: 34 Cloverleaf
Style: Roadster
Serial No: N/A
Odometer: 73,098
Engine Cyl: 6
Engine Size: N/A
Engine HP: N/A
Trans: 3 speed

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